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West Cork is situated on the southcoast of Ireland between Kinsale and Ardgroom and is the most south-westerly part of Ireland.
Sparsely populated (County Cork has a population of over 450,000, but more than one third lives in the city of Cork, and only 50,000 approx. in West Cork) it is the ideal place to relax.
From east to west the region is 130 km wide and 100 km from north to south.

    Map West Cork

The West Cork climate is very mild due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.
In Summer, sea breezes keep land temperatures moderately cool, while in winter severe frost is extremely rare.
Mean air temperatures range from 6C in winter to 15C in summer.
The south-westerly winds often bring soft oceanic drizzle.

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